I charge £30 ($37 – €34 ) per hour, Jobs are costed by the time it takes to complete them, based on my experience – i will reply with a costed final amount before any work is undertaken.
Any ‘Tweak time’ 20 mins after this will be free.
I own complete works until payment is made, then based on agreement ownership transfers to the receiver (unless otherwise stated).
I do discount to certain places and people so feel free to ask (charity organisations etc..).
I also sell work from my archive or from my stores directly regularly, these pieces can be custom edited if required, costing for these are based on the time taken to create at the rate of £30 ($37 – €34 ) per hour. Any ‘Tweak time’ of 20 mins after this will be free.
All my work can be used for digital or print and can be displayed at any size.
Payment can be made with paypal or bank transfer, payment must be made upon receipt of work after agreement from you to accept the work.
If you're unsure about anything please feel free to ask.

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